Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad, and the REALLY UGLY

With each pregnancy I have always enjoyed looking through maternity magazines, reading all the insightful articles, the oh so cute pics of babies, and glowing mamas!!  Pregnancy, what a joyous time of fluttery kicks and movements.  Those moments that take your breathe away as you feel your wee one growing inside your womb.  Beautiful!

YEAH, OKAY!  Now don't get me wrong, pregnancy is a blessing and quite beautiful but with the great comes the, well, less than beautiful aspects.  Let me elaborate...

I've been pregnant 9 times and although I 'enjoyed' each and every pregnancy, each one possessed some very interesting side effects.  For instance, these two babes I am currently carrying at 22 weeks, just made me throw up in my mouth.  Oh, and not due to morning sickness either!  These two combined are large enough to be pushed up against my stomach and just the slightest pressure causes them to snuggle WITH my stomach.  Bleck!!  Gotta go brush my teeth, again.  (yeah right, one of the kids used my toothbrush last night and dropped it on the bathroom floor - time to  burn that thing!)  Speaking of the bathroom... it brings me to another glorious thing pregnancy does to the body.


MY BOWELS HAVE STOPPED FLAT IN THEIR TRACKS!  I MEAN HOLY COW! HAVE YOU EVER NOT BEEN ABLE TO POOP FOR 3 DAYS???  JUST THE AMOUNT OF CRAMPING THAT GOES ON COULD BRING YOU TO YOUR KNEES (that is if my belly wasn't so big and getting to my knees is almost an impossibility)!!  Ahem, my apologize.  As I was saying, for some reason the ability to have a bowel movement is greatly inhibited during this season of maternity.  Sigh.  Bring on a pot of coffee will ya? You know, for it's laxative qualities. 

Oh yes, and coffee.  Coffee, beautiful coffee.  Never have I adored, loved, coveted coffee the way I have since being pregnant again.  The need, NO, NEED for coffee due to nights of no sleep thanks to the babes sleeping on my internal organs.  About the time I'm exhausted, baby boy gives my stomach to his baby sister so that he might go after my lungs to snuggle with.  I don't know if it's fluffiness of my lungs that draws him in or if the wheezing sounds my lungs make when he holds them close is comforting to him. Any how, sleeping is highly over rated.  Maybe I can catch some ZZZZ's after homeschooling Luke, Hannah, Micah, Grace, Josh, and Isaiah, then cleaning, cooking, and rehabbing the house.  Who needs sleep anyways!!!

Which brings me to cleaning.  Ever tried to pick up a crayon or bend over for any amount of time while pregnant?  God forbid you actually have to get ON the ground!  You have to do this contortion like dance to get down there and if by chance after your 15 swipes at the darn thing you actually pick it up then you've got to endure the pain of lugging yourself and the babes back into the standing position.  Only to look down and see another crayon.  Oh snap.


Oh SNAP is right.   Something that you feel has happened to your tail bone after sitting for any length of time at all at church on those 'comfy' pews.   Yeah.  Then comes the hot poker, standing very quickly, jump to your feet, so to minimize, and successfully hide the fact you butt hurts from everyone else at church.  Lovely, just lovely.  

I won't even get into the nausea over the smallest of things.  For me it was one of the dogs throwing up a fully intact chicken foot they had eaten that morning.  Was it the gagging noises or the fact for some strange reason I couldn't just turn away.  Oh yes.  One of my favs. 

The one that has to take first place for me is, the children coming over to hug, kiss, and rub my stomach.  They will talk to the babies and ask to feel their movements.  It truly is precious that they care for these two whom they have never met.   They pray for them and help when I feel sick. They ask when we will get 'our' babies!  They are excited to add to our family and that makes me so very happy indeed!

You can get this at:

Oddly with all of these children I have carried and all the not fun things I have gone through, I don't really remember them once I have my children.  Even while going through it, I am so happy to be able to endure those things because it means my babies are healthy!  What a blessing!!!!

 I think that is why the Bible tells us in John 16:21 that: "Whenever a woman is in labor she has pain, because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy that a child has been born into the world." When we hold what we have worked so hard to keep safe, we see those precious little faces, suddenly everything else disappears.  

But for now, I will thank the Lord for my 'little' people, slip my shoes on my swollen feet, and go buy me another tooth brush because the moment I stand up from this computer and the babies put pressure on my stomach, I will throw up a little in my mouth again.

Tata!   Bleck!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I MIGHT just be crazy! We have an announcement to make ;)

Chances are, I am indeed crazy.  I'm not exactly sure if it's 'certifiable' or not but certainly enough for a majority of people to question my sanity at the sight of me...
This is what 22 weeks with twins looks like!  YIKES!
 Yeah, uh huh...  We're pregnant!  Could you tell???  We're expecting bab-IES!  Oh yeah!  Twins!  
Baby A is a GIRL!- Baby Ella

Baby B is a BOY! - Baby Dalton

I knew it from the beginning!  YUP!  When you look 5 months pregnant when you are 2 months pregnant that's usually a huge indicator.  Then I have these 'other' kids still following me around, kinda looks crazy.   10 kiddos with these two added in there!  Thinking I might actually be a bit crazy!  Let's add in here (just to prove I'm nuts) we have a mini alphabet going on...  D (Dalton), E (Ella), F (Fiorella), G (Grace), H (Hannah), I (Isaiah), J (Josh), K (Kyler), L (Luke), M (Micah).  That's not strange is it??  Ahem, apparently, it is. 

In all honesty, I couldn't be happier with my 'little family'.  I'm so thankful that the Lord has given us two more blessings and we are excited to welcome them into our family!  Not sure how crazy it's gonna get around here, but should be interesting! 

I will blog a little later on some problems we are facing with the new 'little' people but for now I just wanted to jump on here, shout out the good news, and order my straight jacket unless one of you mamas out there have one I can borrow for the next 18 years??  I guess it's just another pin on my freak banner!  


Later, B

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pottery Barn Airplane Knock Off Tutorial.

Remember this????  Oh yeah baby, so do I :)

Remember when I made this?

Remember when I promised a tutorial?  Yeah, sorry... I will skip the excuses and post the tutorial!! So here goes!!!!

First go here:

and print out the airplane on your inkjet. Make sure you have all 4 parts of the plane.   I've done all the work, you just need to print it out.  It should be set up and ready to be printed.  You might have to fiddle with the printing size but I went as big as I possibly could. Once printed, cut them out.  Cut as close to the outline of the plane as you can.   

1.  You need the wood that you'd like your plane to be made from.  Originally I used wood planks but decided that was too big of a pain.  Though I like the look and it is more like the original from PB, it was a pain to do so.  Anyhow...  pick your wood.  Here I used half inch plywood.  The knottier the better.  SEE here, I said Knottier, not NAUGHTIER.  With that cleared up, go ahead measure you boards, don your safety glasses, and cut that wood to measure.  
 Always remember to treat power tools with the utmost caution and safety.

 Here I cut my wood 10.5 X 7.5.  You'll know better what size wood you'll need after printing your plane.  

Next you'll need to get out the stain you'd like to use.  I use MinWax PolyShades.  It's a stain with Poly included.  Skip steps I always say... Actually I NEVER say that. Well, stain your boards, all four boards.  There is no need to stain the back but if you're feeling a bit feisty, go for it.

Once your stain is dry, you'll need to get out your brush and Modge Podge.  There are some great recipes out there for DIY Modge Podge, though I've never tried them.  For the brush I used 1.5 inch  but you can use whatever you'd like.  Brush the entire surface of one board.  Don't get ahead of yourself and do more... you'll regret it. I'm threatening you here ;)  Put a good coat on there but not super thick either.

Also, I'm sure I don't need to say this but work in a well ventilated area, say, like the deck of your investment property.  I digress...

Once the Modge Podge is tacky (you find this out by a simple finger touch in the corner) You take the first plane that you PRE cut out and line it up with the edge of the board. Lika so...
I'm being a little sneaky here.  That board doesn't actually have the Modge Podge on it yet... we're just going to imagine together.  If Bob Ross can do it...  Ohhhh... look at the bunny, the happy little bunny.

Okay, Okay, here is how it's suppose to look.  Once it stuck on and not coming up anywhere let this dry.  Once completely dry, carefully use your brush to re brush the entire surface (over the plane as well).  Be very careful not to curl the edge of the plane.  BUT if you did what I said, that little plane is stuck down pretty good.  

Repeat all the steps until all 4 pieces are complete.  After all pieces are completely dry you can add another coat of Modge Podge and eventually Poly if you'd like.  I never do and apparently I'm learning to skips steps again.  

Almost completely dry. 

Last step is to add hang tags on back of your pieces.  I used the type that you hammer in.  The creepy claw like ones. 

AND here he is all finished...

ENJOY your new PB knock off Airplane planks!!

You can ask any questions in the comments section!  Thanks!

When Chicken Goes Bad!!

 I knew, I just knew something was amiss on the farm. 

I first noticed quite a bit of hen pecking.  Writing it off as normal 'pecking order' behaviours, I just moved on.  They're just chickens after all.
Red and White - looking suspicious

Cornish Cross Meat birds... always trouble

Then it happened...  A cock fight!!!  I couldn't believe it! My chickens were acting this way!!!  I know I've taught them better than this!   You can see the video here  (don't judge me for everything out in the yard.  :)  This was the beginning of the kitchen remodel so everything was out in the yard... all very hoarder like, thank you)

Shameful at best.  But again, I wrote it off as a 'one time' deal.  After all, they're just chickens, right??

I began to feel maybe they were hanging out with the ducks too much.  You KNOW how khaki Campbells can be...  Rebellious little things who won't 'come' when you call.  Sneaky little buggers who hide (nothing good happens in secret, you know) Honestly, they seemed to avoid each other so I thought eveyrthing was going to be fine.  They're just chickens... they can be friends with who they want.

A rare shot of the infamous Khaki Campbells

I knew they were struggling.  I saw issues here and there.  BUT I didn't want to believe it, to accept it.  Then my imaginings were confirmed when I saw it... My heart sank... this was a REAL problem.  I could no longer deny it.  My worst suspicions were confirmed.  My chickens... My chickens *gasp... have a problem with...

GAMBLING!!!  1(800) BETS-OFF  
Be sure your sins will find you out, chickens... Be sure your sins will find you out (eye brow raised). 

Just so you know, this is not a staged photo.  This is exactly how I found it in the coop ;)
 Yup, I'm weird... accept it and move on.

The Full Moon - and I Don't Mean A Bottom Either

Each night after tucking my sweet children into bed and before I completely pass out dead go to bed I venture outside to the barn to feed, water, and 'put up' our animals.

 Most nights are pretty and cool, making it a pleasure to stroll outdoors for a little while.  Last night was amazing!  It was a full moon and just let me clarify as the 'moons' I usually see around here are cute little baby bottoms, this was indeed:  The lunar phase of the Moon when it is entirely illuminated and visible from the Earth.  Well, then, there you go.  

Anyways, enjoy the pictures.  As I enjoyed God's reminder to me that His power is amazing in creating and sustaining even the moon.  How much more power does He have in His child's life to create beautiful things and sustain me through all of life's troubles. Wow, God is an amazing artist!  I'd buy His paintings...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Big Families are CRAZY!!!

We have 8 children and I have always received amazed look, silly questions (don't you know how that (pregnancy) happens?), and many stunned responses.  People are amazed by my 'large' family.  Well, it doesn't seem large to me.  Crazy maybe, but certainly not BIG!
Fiorella, 1

Isaiah, 3

Joshua, 4

We recently had a visit from a family that has 14 children.  Single births and ranging from their 20's to toddler age.  They stayed in our 2,100 sq ft house with my 'BIG' family and I've got to tell you, IT WAS CRAZY!  Crazy AWESOME!  Want to see a family that jokes, plays, helps, encourages, fights, loves, enjoys each other, look at a big family.  The sheer size of this family may seem daunting but honestly they added so much joy to my own family I am literally sure I would enjoy having more children.  I thought maybe I was done.  Maybe I am,  but all I know is wow, this BIG family was a joy to behold.
Dinner with 25 people! Picture missing 8 people.

Dinner time with 25 people! Not everyone is even pictured!!

I'm not saying that BIG families are easy.  There are days that I want to tear my hair out... yeah, there are days my children want to tear MY hair out! :)  There are days where I'm befuddled at the army of small people I made and their chaos.  BUT there are days where I know where everything else I do will pass away I do know that 8 things in my life will last for eternity.  
Grace, 5

Micah, 6

Hannah, 8

Luke, 9

Dude, I made people!  That's amazing!  Our friends who came to stay with us, their mama, Steph, stinking made 14 people!  You know what, she actually made 18 people.  A few of those little people have returned to the Lord from her womb.  She is amazing.  I know those people will one day raise up and call her blessed!  How cool is that?  She is a mixed up mama that has helped bring into being something ETERNAL.  Something that will make a difference in the world.  She has made these CRAZY people who will go on to bless, build, encourage, and use their spiritual gifts.  They are worth while.  That mama and daddy are worth while.  AMAZING!
The Miszuk Family!  You're always welcome HERE!

So HERE'S TO BIG FAMILIES!  What am I saying?  HERE'S TO FAMILIES!  Whether your family has 2 or 20, families are amazing.  The more the merrier... the crazier the better ;)  I always say if you have something crazy to say... come sit by me! So bring your Big Ol Crazy family over here.  You'll be in good company!

Weathering the Storm

A few weeks back we were hit with a tornado while we were at church.  We sat safely inside as very high winds and hail beat at the churchBeing confident the Lord would protect I made the joke, "I hope it didn't take away or trampoline!"  If I only knew!

After leaving church and as we pulled down our driveway I saw that indeed it had taken the trampoline!  I was in disbelief as we pulled closer to the house that there were windows broken on our out buildings and our house.  Paint had been scoured off one of our buildings, and clearly the roofs on all of the buildings and the house were very damaged.  Lost outdoor lights, my grill ($400 boo!), and our trampoline for which I was very concerned was now buried in our woods!  The added bonus was as I went upstairs I stepped on glass cutting my foot from a window I hadn't realized was broken.  Nice.

4 hours after the storm there was still hail on the ground that was larger than quarters.  I will add that photo soon.  The report was they were the size of golf balls!  FOUR!  You can see from the pics that it indeed looks as though someone had played all 19 holes (or is it 18 holes, I know nothing of golf) up against our house.  Bummer, BUT, we are here.  The tornado hadn't taken down our house.  The winds had not blown it away, and the small army of children who live here and fine and happy.  These are just 'things' and although I want to get it fixed right away, we are blessed that we are well.  

I do not know if it is the town of Camden is raining down on us or if we have carried our bad luck (which I don't believe in) to our new area, but we have weathered two tornadoes in the last 2 weeks.  This last one a few days ago took out the town of Orrick, MO just south of us.  Praying for those families that lost homes.  I am so fortunate that our damage from the first one was just cosmetic.  There is truly so many reasons to give thanks.  We are here, weathering the storms!

Here are some photos of the damage to the siding... enjoy, ehrrr, don't enjoy ;)  The coin in the photos s for size purposes.  It is a quarter so you can see most of these holes are HUGE!