Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I MIGHT just be crazy! We have an announcement to make ;)

Chances are, I am indeed crazy.  I'm not exactly sure if it's 'certifiable' or not but certainly enough for a majority of people to question my sanity at the sight of me...
This is what 22 weeks with twins looks like!  YIKES!
 Yeah, uh huh...  We're pregnant!  Could you tell???  We're expecting bab-IES!  Oh yeah!  Twins!  
Baby A is a GIRL!- Baby Ella

Baby B is a BOY! - Baby Dalton

I knew it from the beginning!  YUP!  When you look 5 months pregnant when you are 2 months pregnant that's usually a huge indicator.  Then I have these 'other' kids still following me around, kinda looks crazy.   10 kiddos with these two added in there!  Thinking I might actually be a bit crazy!  Let's add in here (just to prove I'm nuts) we have a mini alphabet going on...  D (Dalton), E (Ella), F (Fiorella), G (Grace), H (Hannah), I (Isaiah), J (Josh), K (Kyler), L (Luke), M (Micah).  That's not strange is it??  Ahem, apparently, it is. 

In all honesty, I couldn't be happier with my 'little family'.  I'm so thankful that the Lord has given us two more blessings and we are excited to welcome them into our family!  Not sure how crazy it's gonna get around here, but should be interesting! 

I will blog a little later on some problems we are facing with the new 'little' people but for now I just wanted to jump on here, shout out the good news, and order my straight jacket unless one of you mamas out there have one I can borrow for the next 18 years??  I guess it's just another pin on my freak banner!  


Later, B

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