Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When Chicken Goes Bad!!

 I knew, I just knew something was amiss on the farm. 

I first noticed quite a bit of hen pecking.  Writing it off as normal 'pecking order' behaviours, I just moved on.  They're just chickens after all.
Red and White - looking suspicious

Cornish Cross Meat birds... always trouble

Then it happened...  A cock fight!!!  I couldn't believe it! My chickens were acting this way!!!  I know I've taught them better than this!   You can see the video here  (don't judge me for everything out in the yard.  :)  This was the beginning of the kitchen remodel so everything was out in the yard... all very hoarder like, thank you)

Shameful at best.  But again, I wrote it off as a 'one time' deal.  After all, they're just chickens, right??

I began to feel maybe they were hanging out with the ducks too much.  You KNOW how khaki Campbells can be...  Rebellious little things who won't 'come' when you call.  Sneaky little buggers who hide (nothing good happens in secret, you know) Honestly, they seemed to avoid each other so I thought eveyrthing was going to be fine.  They're just chickens... they can be friends with who they want.

A rare shot of the infamous Khaki Campbells

I knew they were struggling.  I saw issues here and there.  BUT I didn't want to believe it, to accept it.  Then my imaginings were confirmed when I saw it... My heart sank... this was a REAL problem.  I could no longer deny it.  My worst suspicions were confirmed.  My chickens... My chickens *gasp... have a problem with...

GAMBLING!!!  1(800) BETS-OFF  
Be sure your sins will find you out, chickens... Be sure your sins will find you out (eye brow raised). 

Just so you know, this is not a staged photo.  This is exactly how I found it in the coop ;)
 Yup, I'm weird... accept it and move on.

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  1. You have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them!