Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Full Moon - and I Don't Mean A Bottom Either

Each night after tucking my sweet children into bed and before I completely pass out dead go to bed I venture outside to the barn to feed, water, and 'put up' our animals.

 Most nights are pretty and cool, making it a pleasure to stroll outdoors for a little while.  Last night was amazing!  It was a full moon and just let me clarify as the 'moons' I usually see around here are cute little baby bottoms, this was indeed:  The lunar phase of the Moon when it is entirely illuminated and visible from the Earth.  Well, then, there you go.  

Anyways, enjoy the pictures.  As I enjoyed God's reminder to me that His power is amazing in creating and sustaining even the moon.  How much more power does He have in His child's life to create beautiful things and sustain me through all of life's troubles. Wow, God is an amazing artist!  I'd buy His paintings...

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  1. God's handiwork is truly amazing.