Saturday, February 22, 2014

Turning a little Farm into our Dream Farmhouse Cottage

August of 2013  we purchased a charming little farmhouse built in 1910 sitting on 30 acres in  the rolling hills near the Missouri River bottoms.  With a horse barn, a large machine shed, detached garage, and riding arena, we knew we were going to thrive here! 

4 Stall Horse Barn

Machine Shed

With plaster walls and not enough room for our brood, we knew we had some work to do to conform this little home into our dream farmhouse/cottage.  Armed with Pinterest, a menagerie of small helpers, and some crazy ideas we dove right in, tearing down walls, putting up walls, and pretty much trashing what was perfectly livable.  That's how we roll baby!  You've got to tear down to build up, right... keep repeating that for me please.  

Time lapse 6 months and we have made progress, slowly but surely.  Mostly Undoing the mess we've made, I'm in Love.  We are maybe half done with the inside, and although I am dreaming of repainting all of the finished walls (I'm not in love with the color) I can not dream of calling another place home.  I will post pics of each room as it is updated. 

Here are some BEFORE pictures.  Enjoy.


Dining Room

Living Room Toward Dinning Room

Living Room Toward Entry

Living Room Toward Stairs
Den - Future Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Upstairs Bedroom

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A donkey, a remodeler, and a mom walk into a bar...

Well, sort of, except for of those 3, 2 happen to be me, and as for the donkey, well, we did purchase one this last year.  That, and I don't go to bars...

Confused yet, yeah, so am I.

So much has happened this last year that I haven't blogged.  I thought that maybe now that things have 'slowed down' a bit I should get back to it.

We, bought an investment house, fixed it up, sold it.  Got out of debt- praise the Lord!  Sold another home that we lived in since we were married and purchased a home an hour away on 30 acres.  We purchased it from a great couple who so graciously let us inhabit the home before we closed.  Six months ago we moved right in, tore down walls, some of which were load bearing - whoops, others which opened things up.  We've been rehabbing this home, homeschooling, painting, sanding, crying, laughing, building, and tearing down.  We've bought animals, buried animals, shot intruding varmints (see I can be down home), and over all we are just living. We said goodbye to loved ones who have gone on to be with the Lord, and have welcomed wonderful new friends and neighbors into our lives  Good, bad, ugly, it's all here...  Such has been our lives. 

I will be sharing some of our adventures from the last year.   Things have certainly gotten a bit more interesting as we navigate a new life on the farm.  I'll share how good the Lord has been, the struggles we have had, and where we are getting on turning this lovely old farmhouse into our dream home.

All in all, it's been a blast.  So excited that the Lord turned my city boy's heart and eyes to living out here.  Can you imagine, it was his idea!!  Excited as well, to share it with you.  Hold onto your boots friends, this stuff just got real ;)