Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Chidren... are a Bunch of Farm Animals aka Were You Raised in a Barn? Proverbs 14:4

This is a post I wrote back in Dec of 2011 and ran across it the other day.  I wanted to post this as I feel the same now as I did then, maybe even more so now!!!

If there is anything I neglect it unfortunately has to be the scriptures.  I love reading the Bible but rarely find time to sit and just really ‘read’.  Today in a forced sitting…  I had better just interject a few ‘truths’ right now  - #1 I am pregnant with our 8th child and with that I have fierce morning sickness with intestinal issues  and #2, With this pregnancy I am lactose intolerant and accidentally (ahem, a little tongue in cheek) ate cheese ravioli for lunch yesterday.  And not the ‘oh, maybe I shouldn’t have had that pint of Ben and Jerries, I feel a little gassy”,  type of lactose intolerance, oh no, I have the “OH MY, get outta my way, I shouldn’t have nibbled on that tiny 1X1 inch of cheese, move it people, MOVE IT!”.  Most likely, that is NOT the information you expected in this ‘time with the Lord’ experience I am getting ready to share, but hey, get use to it…  I’m sorta gross. 

The little One I was pregnant with - Fiorella
    So here I am… reading (stop thinking gross people) and was rather enjoying  Proverbs 14 when I came upon this verse…  “Where no oxen are, the stable is clean; But much increase comes by the strength of an ox.” Proverbs 14:4.  Not sure why, but this verse just stopped me in my tracks (figuratively speaking as I was sitting, remember?)   Sorry.  I began really thinking on this verse as I start to look around the room…  Anyone want to guess which room?  Man, this is funny to me… I almost can’t help it!  There are articles of clothing, tiny little underpants over in the corner, socks, someone had apparently completely missed the sink while brushing their teeth, and the obvious ‘misses’ that come with having little boys, little dirty finger prints every where.  There was no hiding that there is a small army of children who live here.  And that’s just one small room, a room that like the rest of the house has been pretty neglected by me since really coming down hard with morning sickness just over a week ago.  

Micah, Joshua, Luke, and Isaiah
    Our ‘stables' are certainly not clean - especially not as clean as they typically are.  But you know, that’s not the part of the verse that really touches me.  Yes, our house can get quite dirty…  and I’m somewhat of a freak when it comes to things being ‘neat and in order’.  This week, I saw the house sort of disintegrate before my eyes.  Dishes began to pile up, toys were not in their usual labeled bins, and lets face it, the meals sort of went down hill.  In my disarray and with 6 children 6 years old and under to care for, I found my little oxen helping take care of one another and even me.  There was strength in these little people.  I pride myself on taking care of this brood, training, and having energy to spare but sometimes in our weakness, the Lord shows real strength.    The rest of the verse says “But much increase comes by the strength of an ox”.   I found my 6 year old Luke, helping the smaller children, sitting next to me when I’m throwing up and even helping hold the bucket.  He’d stroke my hair and tell me he’s going to take good care of me.  My 5 year old Hannah helping her sister get her undies on and all of them wanting to help get me a drink when I was thirsty.  I’m amazed by these kids.  I’ve underestimated them - to my own shame I didn’t realize how strong they really were.  

Hannah and Grace
    I often get people being unkind and cynical about the amount of children that we have and that we have openly allowed the Lord to bless our family with children.  I often get the ‘how do you do it?   You really have your hands full!  Are you going to KEEP having more children?”  Some how the scripture “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalm 127:3 has been lost somewhere along the lines, even the Saints who have seen the growth of our family.  I don’t really blame them… sometimes in the midst of leaky diapers, tantrums, bonked heads, and screaming children, I loose sight that they are my gifts.  

    BUT, the Lord being a God who reminds, brought me to this verse, at the most opportune time.  A time when I could barely get their meals fixed, vomiting, exhausted, and found myself indisposed  or disposal, whichever.  Either way, we may struggle with our messes day in and day out but our messes only prove one thing…  there are children here, blessings from the Lord, of more value than the birds (Matthew 6:26), and with strength like the ox.  With our strength as a bunch of ox, there will be increase.  I hope an increase in kindness, love, and tenderness to each other and those around us.  I hope our outreach and up reach will increase.  I’m all about increase… just look at my children!

How they really act!  What Animals!
    By the way, don’t get me wrong, I don’t look at my children as a bunch of stinky  farm animals though sometimes they smell like it, well, sometimes for that matter, I smell like it.    Did you really think I could END this without a few jokes?

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  1. Although I enjoy everything you do I must say there were no recipes in this one hahaa!!! Love you!!!