Friday, May 24, 2013

Leaving the 99 for the 1- Jesus teaches love and forgiveness Free Puppet Craft

If you missed it, we home school around these here parts.  A large part of that is having projects that aid the children in remembering lessons whether it be Bible stories, science, or just stories we read together.  Though the cirriculum we use we LOVE we add in a few art projects to drive home what we would like them to really retain.

I am offering some of what I have complied for my children to you to use with your little ones, free of charge.  These lessons and crafts are nothing special but they work well with my kids.  If it is a Bible story there will be references that you can read to your child prior to the craft and usually I will have links to short videos from  I've done all the research and complied everything you should need to teach a lesson they will not forget.  They learn by doing (art), visual (video), and audio (story telling by you).  All of these short films I include here, I have previewed and are fairly close to the scriptures without any serious departure
Bible Reading to be done prior to doing craft:
Matthew 18:7-14, 21-35 Luke 15:3-7, 1 Peter 5:8 or
101 Favorite Stories from the Bible pg 170-171- buy it here

My children loved this video!  It kept their attention and they asked to watch it over and over.  Now there has been liberties with having a wolf chase the sheep but they 'get' the idea of the danger.  Also, I included in the craft my own 'bad guy' - the lion.  I did this because I wanted to use the scripture 1 Peter 5:8, 'be sober, be vigilant; because you adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.'

You can find the video here:

Here is the free printable.  You get two this time.
 I drew this for my children and give permission to use this for personal use only.  If you would like to use it for a church group, please feel free to do so.  If you would like to share it on your blog, your are also welcome to do so but please link back to this site only.

Craft Directions:
1.  Click on link and print coloring sheets.  There should be two pages.
2.  Let the kiddos color all the images. 
3. With a parents help (or without if they know how) cut out the images (there will be four - shepherd, lion, single sheep, and group of sheep).
4.  Glue Popsicle stick to the back.
And there you have it!  You will have puppets!  Have your children retell the story to you and to each other using their new puppets.

Now, for a few pics of my little ones working hard on their puppets!

Josh and Gracie hard at work!

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  1. Homeschooling is the best reward!!! I'm so glad we get to teach them together!!!