Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Big Families are CRAZY!!!

We have 8 children and I have always received amazed look, silly questions (don't you know how that (pregnancy) happens?), and many stunned responses.  People are amazed by my 'large' family.  Well, it doesn't seem large to me.  Crazy maybe, but certainly not BIG!
Fiorella, 1

Isaiah, 3

Joshua, 4

We recently had a visit from a family that has 14 children.  Single births and ranging from their 20's to toddler age.  They stayed in our 2,100 sq ft house with my 'BIG' family and I've got to tell you, IT WAS CRAZY!  Crazy AWESOME!  Want to see a family that jokes, plays, helps, encourages, fights, loves, enjoys each other, look at a big family.  The sheer size of this family may seem daunting but honestly they added so much joy to my own family I am literally sure I would enjoy having more children.  I thought maybe I was done.  Maybe I am,  but all I know is wow, this BIG family was a joy to behold.
Dinner with 25 people! Picture missing 8 people.

Dinner time with 25 people! Not everyone is even pictured!!

I'm not saying that BIG families are easy.  There are days that I want to tear my hair out... yeah, there are days my children want to tear MY hair out! :)  There are days where I'm befuddled at the army of small people I made and their chaos.  BUT there are days where I know where everything else I do will pass away I do know that 8 things in my life will last for eternity.  
Grace, 5

Micah, 6

Hannah, 8

Luke, 9

Dude, I made people!  That's amazing!  Our friends who came to stay with us, their mama, Steph, stinking made 14 people!  You know what, she actually made 18 people.  A few of those little people have returned to the Lord from her womb.  She is amazing.  I know those people will one day raise up and call her blessed!  How cool is that?  She is a mixed up mama that has helped bring into being something ETERNAL.  Something that will make a difference in the world.  She has made these CRAZY people who will go on to bless, build, encourage, and use their spiritual gifts.  They are worth while.  That mama and daddy are worth while.  AMAZING!
The Miszuk Family!  You're always welcome HERE!

So HERE'S TO BIG FAMILIES!  What am I saying?  HERE'S TO FAMILIES!  Whether your family has 2 or 20, families are amazing.  The more the merrier... the crazier the better ;)  I always say if you have something crazy to say... come sit by me! So bring your Big Ol Crazy family over here.  You'll be in good company!

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