Friday, April 25, 2014

Girls French Cottage Bedroom Redo Idea Page - Progress!

Well, It's getting done.  It's been slow but we are starting to see progress!

Yesterday I got the new replacement window in and it's already feeling lighter and brighter.  Such small things really do make a difference when the project has been in suspended animation for 2 weeks due to puking kids.  Also began tearing down plaster walls and putting up new Sheetrock or if the plaster was in really good shape, just putting Sheetrock over it.  Time saver!!  The second dormer wood vaulted ceiling is also nearly done!  Now for the annoying delightful cuts around the beams.  That will be done today once we finish homeschooling.  Then off to puttying 10,000 nail holes and imperfections.  Wish they made something like this for my face.  HMMMM... 

Still have a lot to do, but it's closer than it was yesterday!

All in all, the time consuming stuff that makes you sigh and grit your teeth are nearly completed... which means I can give  into my ADD and check out some things with which to decorate!!


 I thought I would share with you some pics that make my little heart beat faster! :)  Not saying all of these will end up in my girls room but they all have some element that I love.  

Well, Here goes!


 I made Jars like these ages ago. My jars have all farm animals on them (we live on a farm with animals).  The initial pillow is darling and although we will be having quad bunk beds opposed to a headboard, this one is so cute!   The whole feeling of this is nice.  Love it!






 So many cute things... so little time.


I love redoing dressers and one day I will show you some pics but until then, I like this.  Layla over at the Lettered Cottage always does such an amazing job redoing furniture!  Not sure this is the way I'm gonna go but I'm thinking I want some shabby to the room.  Maybe a little frenchy theme ;)

Or maybe this dresser... Love it!

Next up: Chandeliers, a new love.

Speaking of French, here is the chandeliers I ordered.  Love these!  I have ordered 2 and might go for a third.  Don't judge me :) I like chandeliers!  Excited to put these up but I still need to putty holes and paint the ceiling before that.






This will also be going somewhere in the room.  It's a little chandelier-esque candle wall sconce.  Prrrreeeetttyyy!  Thanks to my friend Kim over at David's Pasture for giving this to me.  Great Family, Truly Organic Farming, Amazing Food.  Check 'em out.  Tell them Brandy sent you :)  Anyways, Now I'm hungry!!!  Focus, Focus!


 These are super cute.  I have some left over frames with no glass.  And naturally I have chicken wire as we keep chickens.  Yes, please!














I love the paint job in this quaint little reading nook, the curtain, and the gutter book shelves.  Cute.  The READ and the shelves are definitely going into the girls reading nook their daddy built them. 

DARLING!  The gallery wall here is nice.  My daughter Hannah like this!  BUT I imagine I will also integrate some Bible verses in there along with embroidery hoops with cute patterned fabric.  

I  already have a rug like this I purchased at Home Goods.  Love that Store.  LOVE!  LOVE!!   This rug is  heavenly to lay on.  So plushy and soft but honestly nearly impossible to vacuum!  It's a much softer color of pink than the one in the picture, but you get the idea.  



Well, that's about it for now.  I'm so excited to do this for my daughters.  Being in a big family can be hard and I want them have a place that 'is' them and 'for' them!  This is one way I have always shown my kiddos that I love them and are worth my time and hard work!  I also love that they love helping me on their rooms!

What ideas do you have??  Would love to hear your take on what I should put in this space!! 

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