Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ADD, ADHD, and Remodeling

Yeah, all three, right here,  That's ME!  Did I tell  you that although we have worked on the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and mudroom, I have yet to complete even ONE of those rooms??  I've slated walls in the living and dining room and painted all of them... hated the color so I painted them WHITE!  Yes, white (with 7 children...  Mr. Clean is my new BFF). 

Just to distract you or to keep your attention as I ramble, here are a few of my favorite additions to my living room!  Which by the way, the living room really has NOTHING to do with this post...  I like to mix it up and keep you guessing...


 Ahem, if I might have your attention again... My Goodness people! Accuse me of being ADD will ya???  Anyhow, I Layed all manner of tile floors, made light fixtures, painted doors and trim, tore down walls, and put walls up, but most importantly with all that work every room is considerably UNDONE.  Sigh.  I'm not kidding about having ADD or ADHD- both apply to my inability to stay on task or desire to constantly change what I am doing and the vigirous-ness in which I do projects.  I get distracted easily.  SQUIRREL!  

On that note I decided to head upstairs into my daughter's room for a little DE-construction.   Short ceilings and I mean ceilings so short there really wasn't room for light fixtures on the ceiling.  Dark saturated colors for the walls and hardwoods painted multiple colors.
Lots of plaster

Very Low ceilings

Non working lights hardwired into some of the strangest places

While fiddling with the ceiling we realize there was some BAAAAAAAD wiring. 

Who doesn't need an outlet in the ceiling that's connected to an extension cord, that's atached to a timer, that's hardwired into a light fixture, that doesn't work... oh dear.  At least they put electrical tape over the unused outlet ;)

So down comes the ceiling, plaster, lath, and all!  Messy.  Messy and itchy.  Messy, itchy, and dirty.  Melothesioma anyone?   No worries, my husband is an environmental chemist, we took our precautions and my husband assured me this did not contain asbestos nor was it friable.  He's so hot when he's nerdy!!! :)

Sincerest apologize for the horrible photos. 

 On a side though, it turned out good.  We had to leave the roof supports (silly huh?) which made the ceiling low but we insulted the roof, and put up wood.  Aaaahhhhh, vaulted wood ceilings!   Honestly that was more work than I care to admit to and it is not nearly done!  Hmmm... maybe I should just start the boys room now... nah...

Sorry about the poor lighting and fuzzy pics.  I phone camera!

I must be rubbing off on my husband because instead of helping me with my ceiling redo he tore a hole in the wall that hid dead space and made a quaint little reading nook for the girls.  It's gonna be charming!  

So far so good, as the saying goes.  So far I have yet to abandon this project mostly because it isn't livable yet and my girls things are piled in my son's room making it impossible to clean.  They are thankful for this.  :)

Still have to order the second chandelier, paint everything white, redo the flooring, and build in the quad bunk beds.  Which I am dreaming are going to come out something like this with slight variations.

Whew, I'm tired from thinking about all that needs to be done.  Tired and distracted...  I wonder what I should do with the boy's shelving? :)  SQUIRREL!

Later!  Brandy


  1. Looks good, your husband sounds cool.

  2. You should post pictures of the progress with your sweet new camera your wonderful husband got you. Just saying.