Friday, February 27, 2015

Pillows, Chairs, and Chevrons - OH MY!

I'm a little stir crazy and so very ready to spring!  Cabin Fever in overdrive!  So, I figured why not do a few projects that would be better (and cleaner) if done outside - INSIDE! That and I really am trying to infuse some character and charm into my house.  I'm game!

First off, I had these gross chairs... Don't judge me,  I got them off of and they were sorta trashed.  Yes, we didn't help the situation by allowing them to sit in the machine shed to deteriorate and I'm not confirming or denying the cats might have been sleeping on these which is why all of the material and batting/foam was removed. 

 After taking off the fabric and foam I found the chairs had actually been altered and someone had put luan on the chairs to cover the backs.  We removed the luan and got to work.  I will blog later on how to paint surfaces without it pealing or scratching  but that will be a project for another day.   I sanded them, painted them white, then distressed them for a farmhouse, worn look.  

For now, here is the after!

Here you can see why this is an outside job!  Distressing and sanding never is the best idea indoors but I couldn't help it!


I love these chairs and unlike the cloth version, these are easily cleanable and bleachable.  AND they add character to the room!

Now for the new pillows!  I got a single panel curtain at 'Home Goods' on sale for $3. I loved the fabric.  It's a wonderful color, loved the stripes, and was super thick.   You couldn't come close to getting 80+ inches of this thick, quality fabric at any Craft Store for that!  Now, I don't use pillow inserts in my pillows-  I'm not a take the cover off to launder my throw pillows sort of gal (is that lazy?).  I also make sure to use quality filling in my pillows and I've never had them bunch in the wash.  Anyhow, here they are.

I simply love this fabric and am more than pleased with the farmhouse cottage feeling they will lend to the room.  Not sure which room that'll be yet.  :)  But either way, they are totes ADORB!

Lastly I wanted a few large chevrons for my living room and although I think I made them too large I do love the look of them.  Anyone interested in a tutorial for these?  Let me know and I will work one up for ya!  These only took about 5 minutes each and although I used materials I already had on hand they would literally cost a few $ to make.  A lot of interest for very little money.  That's speaking my language!

So there are a few of my projects from the last few weeks!  Any more ideas for me to help deter my cabin fever - shoot them on over in the comments section!!!!  Lots more projects to come and tutorials too!  Have a Good Friday!


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