Thursday, June 27, 2013

And the winner is...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to take and look and those who took time to comment!

Drum roll please.  And the winner is...

Tm Jones!  Glad to be passing one on to a flight attendant!

To everyone who didn't win, I will be posting the tutorial very soon and the free printable (the plane) which makes the whole process a cut and paste project from grade school... it's really that easy!

Tm Jones,  I will need an address to send you your free Pottery Barn Plane Knock off!

But wait...  there's more!

Just as a way to shake things up and for a little fun... we have a second winner!

JEN!  I like surprises!  Whew!  Jen, if we will also send me your address I will be getting one out to you the beginning of this next week as well!   Glad to be sending one your direction as well!  The plane themed wedding seems amazing!!

Thanks again everyone!

Outsie!  Brandy


  1. YAHOOO!!!! I am so excited! Best surprise EVER! (I seriously jumped for joy!) I am also anxious to see the tutorial! Cool! Thank you so much Brandy!

    The wedding was way fun, and as soon as my photographer sends us back the edited pictures I will definitely have to post them!

    My address is:
    55 West 1450 North apt. 143
    Provo, Utah 84604

    Thank you again,
    Jen Richey

    P.S. Your kids are adorable

  2. Jen, hi. Please email me at Thanks!