Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When Bible Felt Goes Terribly Wrong

Some of my children's favorite things to play with happen to be Bible felt characters that were given to us (thank Aunt Julie).  I am often blessed with getting to listen to them act out their perceptions of who God is and Bible stories they remember through play.  What an amazing thing to hear my children talking about God creating, healing, and forgiving  - most of which I am sure I would not get to experience save the fact we received these felt people and animals to use.  I often think to myself, how I need to be more like them with simple faith, remembering the goodness of God in the small things and taking joy in the scriptures as they do.

Every so often though, they surprise me even more.  I will just have to let the picture speak as words escape me...

Yeah, The bear has gas.  Oh yes,  you heard/saw that right, its breaking wind, relieving itself, cutting the cheese, flatulating, I would even venture to say he might have even pooped.  Either way, this is no ordinary gas, no no,  this is bee gas!  All I can think of is...  Beans beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you...  Uhhhmmm yeah, never mind. 

 Try as I may I was unable to find this story of the pooping/gassing bear anywhere in the Holy Word and trust me, I looked!  Gideon, nope, Samson, nope, Elisha, double nope.  No pooping bear. Surprised, right?  After seeing this, I had to choke back laughter as I explained to my children, that this was indeed NOT gas, but rather a swarm of something, maybe bees or locusts.  They seemed confused.

With 7 children 8 and under we tend to flounder in silliness.   It's sort of a way of life here.  I'm all for silliness, but my children can take it to a whole new level so this really shouldn't have surprised me.  

Apparently there are a  number of items in the felt collection that have my children confused, namely my son Micah who happens to be my 'bear poops bees' artist.  For instance this...

This happens to be, in my children's minds, a pair of underpants.  I mean, why wouldn't that make sense?  Nope, couldn't be a cloak with a staff, oh no, underwear are so much more fun!  One would expect a pair of skivvies to be mixed in with the tabernacle lamp stand, the ark, and the men of God!  I wonder who these belong to in the first place?  Moses, you got some explain'n to do!  Ah, better keep these out, someone is bound to be needing them back!

Oh my children...  what funny little people, oh to be like them, well, that is, in some things ;) 

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