Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hey there! Welcome! Just to clarify... I don't own cows tho my children often smell what I would describe as very similar.  We do have, a small herd of young ones running around here.  I look forward to introducing them each to you.  We have 8 of those smelly creatures and it has been a blast.
Here You'll find:
Stories of our adventures as my husband, Tony and I, try to raise our children for the Lord Jesus Christ - I can't promise I can be trusted not to be a little gross - it's who I am (I embrace it)

Recipes that we have grown to love and those that have flopped. I love to cook!

I have an etsy shop - you'll see giveaways and even some tutorials on here as well. I'll be posting some follow along pics to make things easy - or easier, or extremely hard. I suppose we'll see. 

Expect to me to be candid and to truthful at times.  This probably isn't the place for those who get sick easily ;)

We look forward to growing through this adventure here, as the Lord brings us along as we grow our 'little' herd.

Hopefully you will find some encouragement from the scriptures as I am a believer on the Lord Jesus Christ, the maker of Heaven and Earth, who instructs all things in our lives, through His infalable Word He has given us in the Bible... whew, that was a lot of words without saying a whole lot. Basically, I am a Christian and this is my adventure, my purpose, and my commitment that I will share with you as I look to love those around me, serve my family and Utmost, My God.

Thanks for stopping by! Put on those waders... we tend to deal with a lot of poo here and Watch out for those cow pies!


  1. Hi Brandy
    Im going to try and follow your blog. Is this brog through google? mine is...but i dont know how to get t he background stuff added in. Maybe your's isnt through google?? I love your stories...and your wit and your kids,and hey im your aunt so that makes it a little more interesting and persona. :) love ya!

  2. Can't wait for the recipes!!!